Case Chovanec - working visit Slovakia

Monday 13 December 2021 - 13u29

Last week, three of our lawyers, Ann VAN DE STEEN, Lennert DIERICKX and Leroy LIEVENS went to Slovakia and Austria for a working visit. The visit was part of the ongoing judicial investigation into the file of Mr. Jozef CHOVANEC.

Since August last year, the CHOVANEC case has caused a great deal of turmoil, both at home and abroad. Last year, horrific video footage from within the file appeared in the press. Those images showed how a Slovak man, Mr. CHOVANEC, was brutally treated by various police officers in a cell in Charleroi. After several officers sat on the man for minutes, he was dragged lifeless from his cell. The man did not survive the intervention.

The facts date back to 2018, but the investigation only accelerated after the images became public. Last week, a foreign investigation took place in Slovakia, in which our office was present. In addition, attorneys VAN DE STEEN, DIERICKX and LIEVENS, together with the widow of Mr. CHOVANEC, visited his native village. On Friday 10th December, they were welcomed in Bratislava by the Slovak Minister of Justice. The Slovak government is a civil party in the ongoing criminal investigation. Law firm COTTYN acts as counsel for the Slovak state. The minister watches over the file personally and therefore had an extensive meeting with the lawyers present from our office.

Slovak Ministry

Leroy Lievens Lennert Dierickx
Mr. Leroy Lievens & Mr. Lennert Dierickx

After the stay in Slovakia, they travelled on to Austria where they visited the Austrian office of our COTTYN network in Vienna. Over the years, law firm COTTYN has built up an extensive network in Eastern Europe in which we work together on a regular basis for international files. Our firm stands for a personal approach and therefore finds it important to be regularly present with our foreign partners and clients.

Ann Van de Steen and Arno Pajek
Ms. Ann Van de Steen & Mr. Arno Pajek

Rechtsanwalt Pajek

Ann Van de Steen

Ann Van de Steen Leroy Lievens Lennert Dierickx

Lennert Dierickx Ann Van de Steen Leroy Lievens