Are lawyers uncultured? Absolutely not!

Thursday 25 February 2021 - 14u09

COTTYN Lawyers has been delivering services towards the cultural sector for a long time. One of the greatest deals we advised on concerned the ‘Princes Czartoryski collection’ (Czartoryski Museum - Wikipedia), with a value of more than 100 million euros.

Adam Barbasiewicz, responsible for the Warsaw office since 2006, has published his book at the end of 2020 regarding the Polish Act on Museums of 21 November 1996. Hereby, we would like to congratulate Adam once again and wish him the best of luck with everything that will cross his path as a result of this achievement. The book is titled “Ustawa o muzeach – Komentarz”. Those who are interested and understand Polish can obtain a copy of the book here: Ustawa o muzeach. Komentarz, 2021, Adam Barbasiewicz -

Within his book, Adam Barbasiewicz guides you through everything you must know regarding the legal aspect of museums. Museums form a big part of culture, but represent much more than that. What about festivals, books, movies and all kinds of cultural displays?

When entering a museum, reading a book or attending a theatre performance, one focuses mainly – and quite rightly so – on the cultural experience itself. The creators, however, do get confronted with the legal aspects of culture. In order to avoid being restricted in their creative process by getting lost in the legislation on culture, such creators can opt to be assisted therein by a lawyer.

We have several experts in our COTTYN Network who will gladly assist you in this area of law, allowing you to focus mainly on conceiving and realising your creations.

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