Hungarian Tobacco Expo

Tuesday 11 December 2018 - 13u37

Dobos – Kőhidi Attorneys Association, as the Hungarian member of Cottyn Lawyers network, has taken part in the Second Tobacco Expo event as one of the exhibitors. At the full-day event held in Budapest, Millenáris Park every member of our team had actively taken part in the joint work, which eventually generated many positive feedbacks and new leads for us;

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The main purpose of the Second Tobacco Expo is to enable companies operating in the tobacco trade sector to share experience with each other and to make closer connections in their business network. Our legal association prepared with the following for the event: own stand, stress balls with our logo, questionnaires concerning the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), performances, Cottyn Lawyers business cards, and exhibition equipment made with special design.
One of our leading partners, dr. Ákos Kőhidi, and our data protection officer, dr. Péter Mikós held half hours long presentations in various topics during the event.
In his presentation, dr. Péter Miklós referred to the legal obligations for tobacco stores in connection with GDPR. He also illustrated the Hungarian and European authority practice, and gave practical advice to the entrepreneurs in order to ensure compliance with regulations. He highlighted the importance of dealing with GDPR; in his experience, companies that are prepared for GDPR and operate in accordance with its regulations, not only circumvent possible sanctions but gain direct business benefits from it (such as the rationalization of internal procedures and the reducing of risks regarding data protection).
Dr. Ákos Kőhidi illustrated the liability system of employees for the audience. He presented the relevant legal provisions and set out practical examples on what employers should pay special attention to avoid abuses from employees as well as to react in an appropriate manner to such problems. In the presentation, he also overlooked what opportunities exist for the employers in enforcing rights against the employees, either out of court or by legal proceedings, and provided information about strategies against employees’ claims.
In the second part of the event we were very pleased to learn that our legal association had won the special prize for the finest stand.
More than 80 people filled out our short GDPR-questionnaires. In the week following the event, everyone who completed the questionnaire received an evaluation on what areas they should deal with in their company for the compliance with the regulations of GDPR. Moreover, within the framework of our prize game, we drew 2 pieces of entry tickets to a wellness hotel located in Budapest among the people who filled out the questionnaires.

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