COTTYN in Kiev

Wednesday 19 April 2017 - 15u42

COTTYN office in Kiev was set up in mid-2007. In the day-to-day work we apply four-eyes principle on the constant basis. This means that each piece of legal advice delivered by our local lawyers is supervised by a lawyer from the EU to achieve highest-quality results based on the unified standards.

COTTYN KIEV is specialized in working for corporate and private clients and has extensive experience in assisting them with all their day-to-day business in the Ukraine. Also, as experienced project lawyers, COTTYN advices on all sorts of (international) contracts, cross-border investments and M&A.

COTTYN KIEV creates a unique advantage to national and international clients in having a regular contact in their home country, in combination with a contact in the Ukraine who can assist them direct, hands-on and in their mother tongue. The COTTYN team in Kiev is, besides in Russian, fluent in Dutch, French, Slovak, Czech, German, and English.

Clients are not “left on their own” but guided through the whole process: investigation of possibilities, performance of due diligence, setting up the required legal & tax structure, purchase of land (greenfield development), acquisition of a company or setting up a joint venture, drafting & negotiating of all necessary contracts, permitting, assisting and representing clients in their contacts and relations with national and local authorities, as well as arbitration and litigation.

We offer the best of both worlds: home standard quality with excellent local knowledge.