Civil Law

Civil law has many aspects and is subject to permanent changes and new legislation. Telling examples of this are, among others, changes in tenancy laws, changes in consumer legislation (advertising, warranty upon purchase of goods, consumer protection).

Besides, civil law is no longer limited to mere national regulations, one must also take into account the ever increasing impact of European regulations.

Our lawyers are familiar with every aspect of this field of law and can assist you in drawing up agreements, render advice and defend your case before court or similar bodies.

You can count on us for solid advice and assistance regarding:

  • Consumer law
  • Contract law (obligations entered into through agreements):
    • (International) purchases
    • Tenancy and commercial tenancy laws
    • Contracting and construction law
    • Loans/ consumer credit
    • Specific contracts: contracts with architects, management mandate, sales mandate, safety coordination, real estate brokerage
  • Business law (property law):
    • Preferential rights and mortgages
    • Usufruct, (hereditary) lease, building and planting rights
    • Servitudes
  • Neighbourhood nuisance
    • Joint property and its management
    • Securities (deposit, guarantee, pledge)