Family Law and Asset Planning

Our family law team consists of specialised lawyers who all followed additional courses in mediation, juvenile law, etc. and have a very wide and comprehensive practical experience.

  • The files are treated with a great degree of openness and involvement:
  • When opening the file, we describe very clearly the potential approaches. Departing from a balanced assessment of feasible points of view, the strategy to be followed is established in consultation with the client.
  • The client is informed in detail on the evolution of his/her file in every step of the procedure. Every following step is but taken with the prior explicit consent of the client.
  • The lawyer/file manager is always accessible for your questions, remarks and suggestions.

Partial areas:

  • Family law
    • Children, descent, adoption
    • Marriage, legal cohabitation
    • Urgent provisional measures
    • Divorce
    • Alimony
    • Mediation in family matters
  • Asset planning
    • Family property law
    • Marriage contracts
    • Law of succession
    • Gifts and earnest money
    • Wills and division of the estate of ascendants
    • Succession planning
    • Trusts, foundations and administrative offices
    • Fiduciary agreements
    • International asset planning
    • Fiscal aspects of succession and asset planning