Commercial Law

COTTYN has a team of lawyers and jurists at its disposal that is committed to advising and assisting entrepreneurs, both one-man businesses and corporations, both national and multinational organisations.
Offering proactive advice in all commercial law issues and, when needed, defending the client’s interests in procedures and disputes, that is the service we offer.
Our team’s comprehensive practical experience and legal expertise ensure that every problem of a legal nature is given a pragmatic solution.

The following partial areas and legislation are among our field of expertise:

  • General commercial law
  • General conditions and invoices
  • Various recognitions and permits needed for running the company
  • Competition law
  • Commercial practices (unfair competition, claims to stop certain activities)
  • Consumer protection and product liability
  • Leasing
  • Factoring
  • Distribution agreements (both national and international)
    • Sales agencies
    • Franchising
    • Concessions
  • (International) purchases
  • Financial contracts and other cooperation agreements
  • Economic criminal law