Immigration Law

Immigration law, the right regarding the access to and stay in Belgium for foreigners and their personal relations with Belgians.

The relevant legislation combines international and national texts.
Obviously, there is the Geneva Convention of 1951, which, together with its protocol, establishes the basic principles on the international protection of refugees.
Recently, this basic protection has been extended by Europe with the so-called subsidiary protection status.
And finally, there are the many national rules covering all aspects of immigration law.

COTTYN has lots of experience and a specialised team of lawyers with an in-depth knowledge of national and international immigration laws.
Among our clientele are many recognised and regularised refugees, but also local authorities, students, sports clubs, family members, etc.

A selection of the procedures:

  • asylum (from arrival up to recognition or return)
  • regularisations
  • conclusion of marriages and refusal (fictitious marriages)
  • family reunion and family formation
  • stays for medical reasons
  • work cards and permits
  • rendering assistance in visa applications (student visa, tourist visa, short and long stays)
  • professional sportsmen
  • people trafficking
  • obtaining the status of displaced person